Constructed using the drystone technique, the Premužić Trail is today considered a masterpiece of trail building. 

The route is laid out so as to provide the easiest possible access to the most rugged and inaccessible sections of north Velebit – Hajdučki i Rožanski Kukovi.

The trail was laid out and constructed by the forestry engineer Ante Premužić, a passionate mountaineer and lover of Velebit.

The 57 km route runs along the mountain ridge from Zavižan to Baške Oštarije in central Velebit.

Branching off from the Premužić Trail are several paths that climb up to some of the most spectacular peaks of northe and central Velebit – Gromovača, Crikvena, Šatorina and others. A 16-km portion of the trail runs through the Northern Velebit National Park. At about two hours’ walk from Zavižan is a mountain shelter called Rossi’s shelter.

In 2009, the Premužić’s Trail was officially placed under protection in its entire length as a cultural asset of national importance.